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Finally, I’m writing this blogpost about which I have been thinking all August… It is about an activity that I have been doing with my students for some years and that now I’m exploring with two colleagues, Victoria and Jane. Jane has been very active this summer and she has already written three blogposts (the first one herethe second here– and the third here) which I strongly recommend reading… And also Victoria is very postive about this work as you can read on her blogpost too.

Since 2011, the first topic in my subject of Didactic, which is a subject in the first term of the first year of the Teacher Education programme at my Uni, is about how my students view the teaching profession. Students read a book for newly hired teachers so they can have an initial contact with teachers’ roles based on a professional point of view too.

Thus, as their first assignment, they have to write a short essay on the teacher they want to become and also , in group work, they have to build an artefact as an OER that shows their expectations and their thoughts about the teaching profession.

Below, I attach my students’ blogposts  and digital artefacts of this school year 2013-14 that is now about to finish:
















And the video artefacts on their teacher identity:

Also, here can be seen the blogpots where I collected last years’ work (on my old blog) :

School year 2011-12

School year 2012-13

And I still have more things to say now… What really makes me so happy now  is that one of my students of lasts years, who is doing her year 4 this new school year 14-15, has repeated the work on her own. She has built another artefact as an storytelling activity of her own learning, along with a blogpost. This is the fantastic blogpost she has written and the great artefact she has made:

So, now I’m working with my colleagues Jane Chanillor (@virtualleader) and Victoria I. Marin (@vmarinj) to start a new line of research based on this learning activity. Our work will focus on digital storytelling to represent students professional identity. We have a great new work because we would like to see differences in this digital artefacts built at the beginning of their education with those they may build at the end of the subject. Also, as Jane works in the Health and Social Care context, and there has been a strong relationship between Medical and Teacher Education, we may explore the commonalities and differences in the contruction of our students’ professional identity.

A chanllenging new line of research that I feel enthusiast about… not only for the topic of research but also because of my new international research team…

Comments to improve our research are very much welcomed 😉


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