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My PhD thesis:

Tur, G. (2013). Projecte de portafoli electrònic amb eines de la Web 2.0 als estudis de Grau d’Educació Infantil de la UIB a la Seu d’Eivissa. Estudi de cas. Thesis. University of the Balearic Islands. TDX database. Retrieved from

DEFENSA TESIS from Gemma Tur


The blog where I documented the case study of my thesis ( Diari de l’estudi d’un cas– in Catalan). And the blogpost I wrote to say thank you (Catalan)…

The related article that presents research on blogs as eportfolios:

Tur, G. and Urbina, S. (2014). Blogs as Eportfolio Platforms in Teacher Education: Affordances and Limitations Derived from Student Teachers’ Perceptions and Performance on their Eportfolios. Digital Education Review, 26, 1-23. Retrieved from